Supertoxic Urethane is a skater owned and run company born in the north of England, UK.

Since day one they have hit the scene hard with a diverse team of killer skaters from across the UK,

with riders such as Will Golding, Charlie Munro, Lloyd McLeggon, Ross Zajac, Steve King & Rob Sanderson.

Take a look at their time spent at The DC Embassy out in Barcelona, Spain.

Supertoxic are one of the leading skateboard wheel brands in the UK and never fail to bring out banging graphics.

check out their latest 'Sushi Rollers' that were featured on Caught in the Crossfire. 

As well as constantly producing great wheel graphics they have also collaborated with some great well respected brands with

the likes of Karma Skateboards (UK) & Mouse Grip (USA)

for more info check out their website at

or hit them up on FACEBOOK or INSTAGRAM