Frontyard Madness with Exp & Silver pro Ryan Gallant

What started off as a fun neighborhood session turned legendary as Ryan Gallant bested his all time long-distance jump ramp distance. Insane!


The Goons could not be contained any longer! They've broken out of the asylum and invaded the streets!

Hide your kids and hide your wife, cause there's no telling what these cats are capable of.

The world will soon find out when Gold Goons, the new full length video from Gold Wheels drops...


Gold Goons features:   Boo Johnson, Ryan Gallant, Josh Kalis, Shmatty Chaffin, Kellen James, Terry Kennedy, Brandon Biebel, Kelly Hart,

Chris Troy,  Derrick Wilson, JB Gillet, PLG, Chris Brunner, Eli Reed, Will Fyock, Mikey Haywood, Rykeis Tyson, Furby Salcedo, Darrell Stanton,

Wade Desarmo, Spencer Hamilton, Keelan Dadd, Taylor McClung, Rodrigo TX, Stevie Williams, Jack Curtin, Matt Miller, Marquise Henry,

Pierce Brunner, Travis Glover , Dwayne Fagundes, Lenny Rivas, Kenny Hoyle, Rodrigo Petersen, Dane Vaughn, Jabari Pendleton,

Marcus McBride, Diego Najera, Jeremy Murray, Carlos Iqui, Diego Garcez, Aramis Hudson,  and more...

Expedition Shootout at Woodward West

Woodward West and RIDE Channel have paired up to bring you the Woodward West Shootout, a video contest featuring all of the skate teams that visited Woodward West during the 2013 Summer Camp season. The teams are vying for a $15,000 prize purse which is decided by a fan vote (50%) and expert panel (50%). Voting runs from September 2nd - 6th with winners announced on September 9th.

TEAM: Expedition One Featuring: Ryan Gallant, Frankie Heck, Stephen Lawyer, Kelly Hart, James Espinoza, Chany Jeanguenin, Tom Remillard, and Taylor McClung

To cast your vote, please visit: