Cody McEntire - SLS in review

Street League's 2016 season was out of control. We sat down with the Super Crown pros before the "9 Club"-heavy Finals went down on October 2nd, and we got their take on how Street League has evolved. Today, Cody McEntire talks about this second year in SLS and how high the level of skating is now: “I feel like it’s hard to understand sometimes.” If Cody Mac thinks this year was hard to understand, then 2017 will be straight up baffling!

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Dgk Jack Curtin & Organikas Miles SIlvas - Gold & Grey

Checkout Organika’s Miles Silvas…..and DGK’s Jack Curtin in this amazing new film by Kyle Camarillo called “Gold and Gray”. Sit Back, Press Play, and Enjoy. REDirect is a celebration of skateboard filmmaking featuring 12 of the most visionary filmmakers in the world, each responsible in their own way for directing the overall look and feel of the modern skate video as we know it. Given a RED camera—the industry standard for Hollywood movies—and complete creative control to bring his vision of skateboarding to life, the Berrics is proud to present to you... "Gold and Gray" by Kyle Camarillo, featuring Jack Curtin and Miles Silvas in a truly cinematic vignette about skateboarding in San Francisco.