Greg Nowik - 41 flip Tricks @ 41 - Wight Trash

Greg had the idea when he turned 41 but it took a couple of months to get together and put it on film. He wanted the challenge of getting 41 of his flip tricks down in one skate, just seeing if that was possible.

It was shot as part of a 30 hour skateathon Wight Trash did recently to raise money for Ventnor Skatepark, and get the place concreted.
The Ventnor project consists of volunteers, all who are helping to keep the park alive with no financial backing from the local council.... we do this by getting funding streams where we can and also by doing fund raising events to get more of our much needed funds. 

Here's a link to the skatepark page and also to the gofundme fund raising page. Please give what you can

Took about 5 separate filming stints on the day to finish the 41 tricks. (plus it was f#*king hot that day too which added to the trial of it, but we had a total blast making it!)
Expect a good balance of radness and sketchy......and a good few toebars too. Enjoy!

A second section of '41 slams @ 41'' will be released soon.

New brand - Wight Trash

We're stoked to announce we will now be distributing Wight Trash for our hillbilly cousins from across the puddle on the Isle of Wight.

A range of sharp graphics (and the odd phallic shaped one..) including the rad Zombie Series will be available on our B2B for UK and Ireland shops.

Find out more about Wight Trash on their website and Instagram