Rush Bearings re stock

ALL-WEATHER CERAMICS FULL CERAMIC, STAINLESS STEEL, RUST-FREE BEARINGS. Evolving from the stainless steel all-weather bearings, these offer the highest level in the evolutionary chain of skateboard technology. These are the ultimate bearings for skaters who like to skate in all-weather conditions and still expect high-performance from their bearings. Stainless steel casing, ceramic balls, rubber shields, corrosion-proof nylon retainer.

HYBRID BEARING By combining CERAMIC and STEEL balls you get the benefit and precision of ceramics at half the cost. The CERAMIC cleans debris and cools friction allowing the bearings to perform and last longer. Steel casing, rubber shields, nylon retainer.

ALL-WEATHER One of our most popular, long-lasting bearings. Stainless steel case and balls prevent rusting in wet or humid conditions. Nylon ball retainer
and removable rubber shield for easy cleaning.

ABEC 7's Rush bearings' best selling, most tested ABECbearings. Titanium coated, high micro-finish. Steel casing, rubber shields, nylon retainer.

ABEC 9's Titanium coated, high micro-finish. These bearings are sorted and tested to be the most high end, the most true round and the lowest friction that the steel bearings have to offer. Corrosion-proof nylon ball retainer and removable rubber shields for easy cleaning.

ABEC 5 bearings based on true testing and true sorting, you will not find a better ABEC 5 bearing in the market.

Rush Downhill Speed Bombers have the best combo of performance, durability, technology and price on the market. Within each twice-inspected high-grade steel case are bearing balls with a micro finish, shaped to perfection, slicked with Rush’s own corrosion preventing nano-tech lube, cradled in a ball retainer made of a special formula of heat resistant, non-corrosive nylon, which greatly reduces heat and friction. Plus, the non-contact, non-friction rubber shields makes cleaning and lubricating your bearings a breeze. The Stability Locking System, features wide flanged CNC Precision Spacers to hold each bearing perfectly in place, stabilizing your wheels at any speed. Or in other words, these bearings are LONG LASTING, SUPER SMOOTH and SUPER FAST.