DGK x JT&CO decks in stock now

Jovontae Turner is a legend in the skate game. He’s an innovator of style with both his trick selection and fashion sense. If you talk to anyone from the older generation that has been skating for a long time, Jovontae’s name will probably come up if you ask them who the most influential skaters were from their generation. Given his history as a taste maker, it really only made sense for Jovontae to brand his unique style into his own line. He did exactly that with his new venture JT&CO. Jovontae credits his personal perception of skateboarding as the major influence behind the brand – taking the stuff he grew up on and moving it forward into the future. The line has been well-received thus far and Jovontae’s presence in skateboarding was certainly missed – Tae brings some classic flavor to the scene that definitely spices things up. Given that DGK has collaborated with Jovontae in the past on a deck that re-appropriated one of his classic graphics and the close ties that Tae has with the crew; it was only right to do this DGK X JT&CO capsule collection. Tae provided the initial designs and then the DGK art department added their flavor to them – the result is an instant classic that’s highly wearable and reflects both Jovontae’s and DGK’s aesthetic perfectly.

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Expedition Aloha Decks In Now.

NEW IN!! Expedition One Skateboards brand new Aloha range,

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